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Live by The Wild Rules.

Mother Nature’s greatest feats are everywhere, and they were here first. The snowcapped mountains. Generations of elk herd. Pine trees that touch the sky. Here in Jackson Hole, we’re lucky enough to live among them. Natural wonders and the surrounding wildlife blazed every trail. Let's not lose our way exploring these paths and forget our place in the wild. Here's our reminder that the wild rules.


This season won’t last forever, but with your help, the spirit of Jackson Hole can. Learn how you can help preserve the nature of this special place.

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Stay on designated sites.

To protect the natural environment, park your vehicle in designated parking spots and pitch your tent on marked campsites. You can still sleep under the stars as long as you’re on a site.

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Stay away from wildlife.

View wildlife from a distance and stay 100 yards from bears and wolves and 25 yards from all other wildlife.

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Stay on the trails.

When enjoying any trail-related activity such as snowshoeing or hiking, stay on marked paths. It can take the ecosystem 10 to 30 years to recover from the damages of going off-trail.

Learn more about outdoor ethics

Leave No Trace provides an easy framework so everyone can minimize their impact on the outdoors.

How We’re Staying Wild.

Tread on the Trail

When hikers wander off the trails, it leads to decades of ecosystem destruction. Find out how the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board put their foot down so the wonder of this rare place never fades.

Tag Responsibly

When you geotag on social media it brings unintended harm to some of Jackson Hole’s most precious nature areas. Tag Responsibly is an initiative that created the world’s first generic location tag.

Leave it as it is

With 24,000 acres of protected land, Jackson Hole is one of the last wild places on Earth. If you decide to experience this place for yourself, leave it as it is. You can’t improve perfection.

Take more steps in the right direction.

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Trade in four wheels for two. Use the START bike share. Consider taking the START Bus or walking. And if you need a car, go electric. View START Bus schedule here.

Icon Recycle

Road to zero waste: reduce and recycle

Leave no trace wherever you go. Grab a reusable Stay Wild tote bag. Take short showers. Recycle all that you can.

Icon Mountain

If you don’t know, don’t go

Stay safe in the backcountry. Please have the proper equipment, partner, and a plan. Check the local weather before heading out.

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Respect Wildlife Closure Areas

Certain backcountry areas in the Grand Tetons serve as critical habitats for large game and are closed seasonally to protect wildlife.

Icon No Geotag


Geotagging photos in social media creates a surge in human traffic, increasing strain on delicate habitats. Post the photo. Trash the tag.

Icon Megaphone

Go forth and educate

Bring the spirit of Jackson Hole with you when you leave. The small actions you take make a big difference in preserving special spaces for generations to come.

How you can help.

Give back to the land with a few hours of your time. Being Wild Jackson Hole is an effort that provides responsible tourism opportunities so visitors can connect with our wildlife and landscapes through volunteer experiences.


Learn about how our local non-profits are keeping Jackson Wild.