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How to make the most of your camping trip in Jackson Hole

June 20th, 2022

Jackson Hole offers some of the most unforgettable ways to experience nature. But the wild rules here, which makes planning all the more important. To enjoy your stay on our grounds to the fullest, make sure to keep the following things in mind.

Reservations are required

All campsites inGrand Teton National Park are reservation only. Reservations on any of our sites can be made at You can even book up to six months in advance to reserve your special nights under the stars. Sites fill quickly, so campers are strongly encouraged to plan ahead. You’ll need a reservation at established campsites and RV parks outside of Grand Teton National Park, too.

Work as a team

Before you embark on your journey, assess the skills of each group member. You may have a range of experiences and levels of comfortability. Make sure to match your goals, activities and expectations to everyone’s needs.

Gain knowledge of the area you plan to visit. The more you know about where you are staying, the more chances you will have to explore it to the best of your ability. Coordinate maps and other resources to share with fellow adventurers.

Unfollow the crowd

The parks around Jackson Hole are popular places. To avoid the hustle, make sure to plan ahead. Take note of peak hiking hours or expect to slow down and come across others on the trails. If you’re planning to do some sight-seeing, do your research on the best times to visit, or check for tour arrangements. And for when you feel a craving coming along, make sure you’ve got a reservation nailed down at a local restaurant. Check out a few of our favorite spots to eat in town here.

Stay on your toes

The great outdoors bring unexpected circumstances. To tackle rough terrain with ease, bring the proper shoes, boots and socks. To remain comfortable in any weather, make sure your equipment and clothing are built to withstand the elements.

Leave no trace

Every camper is responsible for trash. Before your trip, estimate how much litter your group will create. All litter should be taken with you before you leave in bags or packs. Litter does not just ruin the site for anyone who comes after you, but it endangers wildlife.

Think like Mr. Rogers

Every visitor spends time crafting ways to make the best of their trip and escape from their day-to-day life. So, be considerate of others, too, and aim to leave this place better than you found it. And whatever you decide to do with you time in Jackson Hole, make sure you make the most of your stay by planning ahead.