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About this activity

Looking for an adrenaline rush and a chance to cool down on a hot summer day? Rafting is your answer. Be it through whitewater or on a slower, scenic tour, floating down the Snake River offers breathtaking views, wildlife viewing opportunities, and thrills.

On a whitewater trip, you’ll paddle through class III and IV whitewater, including the famous Big Kahuna. It won’t take long for you to feel the cold refreshing river splash your face. Outfitters will offer you a wetsuit or drysuit, and you will almost certainly get wet. Eagles frequently fly overhead.

Scenic floats move at a more mellow pace. Guides will keep a sharp eye out for wildlife that call the river and its banks home.

No matter the pace, the river is wild, and The Wild Rules. It’s best to go with an experienced guide who knows the water. Luckily, there’s no shortage of them in Jackson. Local outfitters will equip you with the gear you need to stay safe and warm, and guides are experts at navigating the river.

Remember to practice Leave No Trace, even on the river. You should always bring water (ideally in a reusable bottle), but if you have the chance to bring refreshments, avoid glass containers. Pack all your trash out with you.

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