Jh Summer Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

About this activity

The “last of the Old West” knows a thing or two about being in the saddle. If you want to feel like a true Wyomingite, try traveling on horseback. It’s a truly meditative way to experience the aspen groves, pine forests, and alpine meadows that define the landscape.

A huge community of guides and ranches is ready to help riders of all experience levels feel comfortable on horseback. Tours are family-friendly and customized to your ability and comfort level. You should wear closed-toed shoes and long pants, and bring plenty of sunscreen and layers in case the weather changes. Otherwise, all you need is a good attitude for a good time.

Horses have the right of way on trails around here. Your guides know that, but it’s always useful to brush up on trail etiquette before heading out.

If your trip inspires you to live by The Wild Rules, share what you learned! The more people know about this place, the more likely they are to want to protect it. Share your knowledge on social media with the hashtag #TheWildRules to help inspire others.

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