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Dining and Restaurants

Jackson Hole tastes just as good as it looks.

Jackson Hole is home to an amazing selection of local restaurants – from classic Western to brewpubs to Thai and elevated alpine cuisine, there’s no limit to our local culinary community's creativity. The best part? You can still live by the wild rules, even when you're dining out.

How to do it

It might require a little extra planning, but you should make a reservation as soon as possible to guarantee service. Be patient. Our service workers are working their hardest under tough conditions to make your experience as memorable as possible. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, there’s a Jackson Hole restaurant for everyone. Check out a full list of local restaurants here: https://dishingjh.com/.

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When to go

During the peak summer season, Jackson Hole restaurants are busy and bustling, so diners are encouraged to make reservations in advance and be patient.

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Know before you go

A few extra minutes of research go a long way in supporting our local economy! If you want to know your meal is sourced locally, choose from Slow Food in the Tetons’ local food guide. Or choose a Hole Food Rescue partner to feel like you’ve played a part in reducing food waste and helping feed our community’s vulnerable members.

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Sustainability tip

There are no wrong choices when it comes to restaurants in Jackson. But if you want to make your meal a little more sustainable, check out Slow Food in the Tetons' local food guide. It provides a list of all the restaurants in Teton County that source their food locally. Dining at any of these spots is an easy and delicious way to help sustain the local economy and ecosystem all at once.

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Local inspiration

When Ali Milburn moved to Jackson Hole in 2012, she was a lot like the Jackson pioneers who had come before her: young, hungry, and resourceful. She soon found herself in dumpsters of local grocers looking for edible but discarded food. She was stunned by how much she was able to find: fresh produce, day-old bread, still good dairy. And with that Hole Food Rescue was born. Its mission is to divert food away from dumpsters and into hungry bellies or find a sustainable way to dispose of it. Since then more than 1 million pounds of food has been distributed to organizations that help food insecure communities, fed to farm animals, or turned into compost. And it’s made entirely possible by Jackson Hole restaurants.