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Together we will ensure that the power of travel and tourism contributes to the health and well-being of our community, our economy, and our environment.


In 2021, we began an 18-month process to transform how we manage tourism driven by unprecedented interest and participation from the Jackson Hole community.

We have a plan.

Teton County's Sustainable Destination Management Plan is a roadmap with clear directions, milestones, actions, and assignments designed to guide the continued evolution and health of Teton County’s largest economic engine.


The stewardship of all lands requires an all-hands approach. Continued progress on the SDMP will require cross-sectional and collaborative approaches and leadership. That means you!

Sustainable destination management Plan

Winter 2021

Phase 1: Inventory of Existing Conditions

  • Launch Steering Committee
  • Develop Stakeholder Engagement Plan and Communications Strategy
  • Create Resident Tourism Sentiment Survey
  • Review Comprehensive Analysis of Existing Destination Data, Including Prior Visitor Input
  • Draft Situation Analysis Report
Spring 2022

Phase 2: on-site assessment

  • Launch Resident Tourism Sentiment Survey
  • Lead Community Meetings for Process Introduction and Initial Feedback Collection
  • Host 1:1 Interviews and Focus Groups With Elected Officials, Land Managers, Business and Civic Leaders
  • Validate Situation Analysis Report
Summer 2022

Phase 3: participatory visioning & planning

  • Lead In-Person Community Visioning and Planning Workshops
  • Host Stakeholder Focus Groups
  • Share Workshop Outcomes Report
  • Develop SDMP Initiatives with Stakeholder Groups
Fall-Winter 2022

Phase 4: plan development & validation

  • Draft Sustainable Destination Management Plan (SDMP)
  • Publication of the Resident Survey Research
  • Present Key Stakeholder Findings
  • Share Final SDMP and Other Research Outcomes
  • Confirm Research and Implementation Toolkit
Winter-Spring 2023

Phase 5: Plan Launch

  • Launch the SDMP to Shape the Future of Tourism

Our Sustainable Destination Management Plan (SDMP)

The Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board is proud to present the Sustainable Destination Management Plan. This framework allows us, as a community, to build out and act on goals, strategies and metrics to better anticipate and respond to the dynamic nature of the tourism industry, capturing the greatest benefit for our businesses, our community and our environment. We are grateful for the efforts and contributions of the Jackson Hole community. We thank George Washington University, Confluence Sustainability, the Steering Committee Members, our partners, and the many individuals in our community who lent their time, their resources, and their thoughts to this process. Stay involved in the SDMP progress and share your thoughts with other local community members.

Facilitated by

Hear Why Your Voice Matters

The most effective sustainable destination management plan is the one that involves a wide range of voices from the community.

Jeremy Barnum

Chief of Staff, Grand Teton National Park

Alex Lemieux

Dir. of Sales & Operations, Wort Hotel

Aaron Pruzan

Owner, Rendezvous River Sports

Sustainable Tourism Protects More Than Just Our Environment.

Great destinations are also great places to live and work. And we want to keep it that way. That’s why the JHTTB is prioritizing destination stewardship with a renewed focus on protecting the environment, ensuring the long-term prosperity of the community, and building a sustainable local economy while enhancing residents’ quality of life. Tourism in Jackson and Teton County will be designed to balance the needs and expectations of visitors with the needs of residents, businesses, and the environment.


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