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Kai Jones


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Photo credit: Teton Gravity Research / Nic Alegre

It’s possible no pro skier has seen his profile rise in the last year as much as Kai Jones. That’s all the more impressive when you consider he’s just 12 years old. Last year, he won the under-12 overall title on the International Freeskier Association’s big mountain competition circuit. He followed it up by starring in Teton Gravity Research’s new ski film, Far Out — which he filmed in Jackson Hole during spring break from sixth grade.

Given Kai’s upbringing, it’s hardly surprising that he’s so accomplished at a young age. He’s the son of TGR co-founder Todd Jones and he’s been surrounded by talented athletes since he first put on skis. That kind of influence helped develop a knack for putting on a show and an ambition to take on some of Jackson Hole’s boldest lines, including Central Couloir and Smart Bastard, the latter of which he can be seen crushing in the closing scene of Far Out.

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Photo credit: Teton Gravity Research / Nic Alegre.

Like any kid growing up in the Jackson Hole area, Kai’s hobbies center on the outdoors. Aside from skiing, he can be found lake surfing, mountain biking, climbing, and playing soccer. But through all his adventures, he keeps school a high priority. In fact, his list of 2017 accomplishments includes getting straight A’s.

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Photo credit: Teton Gravity Research / Nic Alegre.

His advice for beginning skiers coming to Jackson Hole: “Take your time and keep every possibility in mind. Ski some of the easier lifts, such as the Gondi and Teewinot. Be sure to give it your all, but also be safe and conservative.”

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Photo credit: Teton Gravity Research / Nic Alegre.

On his interest in conservation: “I think conservation is super important in the Jackson area because the land has been preserved for a long time and the nature here is so beautiful. It’s important to keep Jackson Hole the way it is because it would never be the same without its beautiful forests, mountains, and wilderness.”

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