Craft Cocktail Class

2 Hour Trip

About this Experience

Our distillery tour and craft cocktail class is an experience designed to give you the knowledge and skills to make your own cocktail bar quality drinks at home. We will start off with a quick tour of the distillery, followed by a tasting of our handmade product line, including Still Works Vodka and Great Grey Gin. After enjoying some light appetizers and a cocktail we will get into the craft cocktail side of things. Guest are coached through making a couple of classic cocktails, based on universal and easy to modify recipes using some unique craft cocktail techniques along with some of the colorful boozy history that comes along with them. Whenever possible we use fresh, local and unique ingredients. The world of cocktails is huge, with lots of fun niches. We are happy to work together to design a unique program if there is something you are interested in. We are also willing to work with local chefs to elevated the culinary experience. Feel free to call anytime to discuss details or ideas you have. Our goal is to create a fun, engaging and unique experience you cannot find anywhere else.

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Zach Isler

Jackson Hole Still Works

http://www.jhstillworks.com/ zach@jhstillworks.com +1 206-419-1244