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Spring season brings Adventure

Springtime Itinerary for the Adventurer

April 19th, 2019

It’s Spring in Jackson Hole! While the skiing is winding down and the valley is greening up, the off-season is a great time to experience adventure around the valley. Here is just one example of an itinerary for those seeking adventure.

Morning- Knowing you, it's going to be an early one. You are ready to take on the day and do as much as you can until your legs feel like jello and your stoke is high. We get you, so that's why we suggest grabbing something on the go for breakfast AND lunch. Head into town or one of our markets to fill your pack with some savory and sweet treats and water. Once you've consumed your breakfast burrito in the car, make your way to one of our whitewater rafting businesses to embark on a trip along the Snake River. With a high-energy guide and paddles for everyone, you will have a hands-on, high-thrills experience. Keep in mind, during this time of the year rafting usually doesn't kick-off until May due to water levels and weather. If you're our April adventurer, we suggest heading over to one of our bike shops and going on a long cycling journey from Jackson-Wilson-Teton Village-Grand Teton National Park. The views are out of this world, and you may stumble upon some wildlife on the way!

Afternoon- After you've embarked on your river rafting or biking mission and have consumed all sorts of snacks, you've probably worked up quite the appetite and are ready for a late lunch. Since you want views of the Tetons as much as possible, we suggest heading over to Dornan's to take advantage of being right in the Grand Teton National Park entrance, sitting on a deck with the Tetons smack-dab in front of your face. Pizza and pasta will fill you up before your late meal, so dig in and don't forget to grab a beer r glass of wine from their fantastic selection. If you went cycling, then you're already right where you need to be. For our river rafters, head on your way as if you were going back to the Airport, but just drive a little further until you reach Grand Teton National Park--easy-peasy.

You're full of pasta and full of ooo's and ahh's and are ready for the next adventure. Since we know you like the Tetons (I mean who doesn't?) and you like being active, we suggest taking on a local hike in town. Since we are still experiencing some snow melt, and again it is all dependent on weather, you can make your way to Snow King Mountain and head up to the top for the ultimate scenic view of the valley. There still may be a decent amount of snow, so you may make it half-way up or you can bring along some crampons to make sure you can trek through the snow up top.

Evening- Time to celebrate! You've embarked on many journeys in one day and still aren't ready for sleep--way to go! The local night-out scene is a blast, so make sure you've eaten a big meal so you can stay out late and get some dancing under your belt. After you've regrouped and cleaned up at the hotel, treat yourself with a nice meal at one of the fine dining restaurant options around town. Whether it's a large piece of steak or many plates of sushi, you can have whatever your heart desires. After you've gotten the grub out of the way, head over to the Silver Dollar Bar & Grill in the historic Wort Hotel and check out whatever free live show they have going on. Knowing them, they've probably got a great blue-grass or cover band playing tunes that will keep you on your feet all night long.