Cross-Country Skiing at Turpin Meadow Ranch

Cross-Country Skiing at Turpin Meadow Ranch

I spent the first day of 2018 cross-country skiing in the most perfect weather at Turpin Meadow Ranch. Growing up in Jackson, cross-country skiing was one of our winter sports in P.E., and it wasn't until college that I realized this wasn’t the norm for everyone. It was then that I came to appreciate how incredibly lucky I was to have grown up in Jackson. We’d bundle up in our "big 5" (jacket, snow pants, boots, hat and gloves) and cross-country ski next to the National Elk Refuge, where we always had to be on the lookout for moose hiding in the bushes.

As a fifth generation Jackson Hole local, I have a lot of amazing history and photos of my family in Jackson throughout its early days, including photos of my great-grandfather, Lou Gill, cross-country skiing in Grand Teton National Park with his buddies. I love it when I find old pictures of my family enjoying the same activities I enjoy today. 

Left to right: Lou Gill, Bill Howard and Dewey VanWinkle


Cross-country skiing is a great winter activity to do in Jackson for those who don't downhill ski. Be sure to make a day trip to Turpin Meadow Ranch to enjoy their wonderful trails and lunch at the lodge. You can find the ranch north of Jackson Hole, nestled on the banks of the Buffalo Fork River. You’ll be welcomed by their friendly staff, who will help fit you for skis, boots and poles.

Once you arrive at Turpin Meadow Ranch, you’ll find over 12 miles of groomed classic and skate tracks designed by Olympic Nordic and biathlon athletes. Groomed daily, the tracks take you through woods, up hills, across flats and to gorgeous views of the Grand Tetons.

They have cross-country trails for every level of skier, and one of the best parts about the ranch is that it’s dog friendly! I often feel guilty leaving my dogs at home while I go to the mountain to spend the day skiing, so this winter I’ll be downhill and cross-country skiing with my pups, Izzy and Pinny.

After you’ve managed to work up a sweat skiing, you can warm up and relax in their historic log lodge, and enjoy a delicious farm-to-table lunch by the fire or drinks at the cozy wine bar.


Mon–Fri 11 am to 2 pm
Sat–Sun 11 am to 2:30 pm


Made by reservation

Adult Pricing

Trail pass – $15
Skate gear rental – $30
Touring gear rental – $20

Junior Pricing (11 and under)

Trail pass – $5
Skate gear rental – $30
Touring gear rental – $10

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