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Mountain Biking

Take in the beauty and pump the adrenaline.
Bikers on a trail with tetons in background

Jackson Hole’s single track is world-class. Mountain biking in Jackson is a guaranteed adrenaline rush, enhanced only by the stunning scenery that surrounds you as you go.

How to do it

There’s a bike trail for every rider around here if you know where to look. Jackson Hole Bike Park and Grand Targhee Bike Park have some of the best downhill and cross-country trails out there. Resort riding is perfect for beginner riders, but there are plenty of trail biking for intermediate and advanced riders too. Experienced downhill riders should check out the impressive network of downhill trails on Teton Pass. For intermediate riders staying close to town, the trail biking network at Cache Creek is immense and the views are stunning.

Biking Air

When to go

Around here, snow arrives early and sticks around late. It’s hard to predict exactly when trails will dry out, but it’s important to wait until they do before riding them. Riding on wet or muddy trails causes rutting and erosion that leaves the trails in bad shape. Check bike trail conditions at any one of our local bike shops.

Jh Mountain Biking Couple Fall

Know before you go

Friends of the Bridger-Teton have done a stellar job installing trail signs at major junctions to help keep you on track, but it’s always a good idea to bring a trail map and make a plan. Assess current trail conditions and make sure trails are dry before you ride them. Stay on the trail at all times. If you have to move aside to yield to other users, try to step on durable surfaces like rocks, dirt, or pine needles. You’re bound to interact with other trail users while you’re out there. Brush up on trail etiquette and remember, we’re all out there to have a good time. There’s no shortage of bike shops ready to help get you out there. Just don’t forget your helmet.

Jh Fatbike Winter Trail

Sustainability tip

Wherever you go, remember to brush up on mountain biking trail etiquette. Help prevent erosion and overuse by staying on the trails. If you see wildlife on your ride, give it plenty of space.

Jh Mountain Biking Trail Fall

Local inspiration

If you want a true local riding experience and to leave the trail better than you found it. Teton FreeRiders has spent nearly two decades improving trail access in the greater Jackson area. They host a Pass Bash for riders ready to take on Teton Pass’s world-class trails. Meet at the bottom, get a ride in their shuttle, and take as many laps as you can before meeting at the Stagecoach for drinks and delicious Street Food bites. Pass Bashes help raise money to keep the trails in-tact. Follow them on Facebook to stay current on their trail advocacy and events.