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If sleeping under the stars isn’t your thing there are plenty of great lodging options.
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Whether you’re looking for a private condo, boutique hotel or resort lodge, overnight accommodations in Jackson are open for business. 

How to do it

It’s best to plan ahead to guarantee reservations, as beds book quickly.

You’ll find that the majority of lodging options are concentrated in the town of Jackson and Teton Village. If you’re hoping to spend most of your time biking and exploring at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, look at staying in Teton Village to minimize travel. You’ll be able to walk to the trails instead of driving or taking public transportation. If a variety of activities are on your agenda or you want to spend more time around the heart of Jackson Hole, look into staying in the town of Jackson. You’ll be closer to the bulk of Jackson’s best restaurants, walking distance to shops in the Town Square, and a 20-minute drive to Teton Village.

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Know before you go

Lodging in Jackson Hole is in extremely high demand. Don’t expect to show up without a reservation and have a place to stay. We recommend booking accommodations well in advance to guarantee a seamless stay.

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Local inspiration

It was a proud moment in Jackson’s history: in 2012, Teton County, Wyoming (i.e. Jackson Hole) was selected as one of just six destinations worldwide by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) to participate in the GSTC Early Adopters Program. “Teton County more than any other place in the world has the potential to become a leader as a sustainable destination,” the GSTC report concluded.

Across individual businesses, sustainability efforts were strong. But there was nothing unifying them and making sure they were getting stronger together. Enter: RiverWind Foundation.

At the heart of its work, the RiverWind helps businesses, visitors, and residents reduce waste, energy use, and carbon emissions while increasing business profitability and preserving our air, water, and land. Six years after the GSTC recognition, the World Travel & Tourism Council recognized the RiverWind Foundation as a finalist for the 2018 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, one of the travel industry’s most prestigious honors.

So when you’re booking your lodging and your hotel boasts sustainability efforts, there’s a good chance RiverWind Foundation had something to do with it. You can be extra sure by checking RiverWind Foundation’s Sustainable Business Guide. Every business in it is a certified BEST sustainable business and has been recognized for its efforts to incorporate sustainability into every part of its business plan.